Extensions and Hours

Good Morning!
For those of you filing an extension, this is a friendly reminder that our Tax Office will be taking dollar_beach.jpgvacation time during July and August. Our office will be open TuesdayFriday our summer business hours. If you have your tax documents delivered to us by June 15th for your extension we will have them ready for pick up by June 30th. If your documents are not to us by then, we will see you in September to complete your tax return.
Please let us know if you need anything else or have any further questions.
Jeffery A. Ames, E.A. 
Enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service
Jeffery A. Ames & Associates   | |   jeffery@amesandassociates.net
15 South Grady Way
Suite 245
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 226-9788

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