Tax Preperation

Based in Renton Washington and serving the greater Seattle area

Since 1982, Jeffery A. Ames and Associates, Inc. have been practicing in tax planning, consulting and tax return preparation for the Seattle metro area. Located in Renton, our tax professionals work with individuals, corporations and partnerships throughout Washington state to provide them with professional tax services prepared by an Enrolled Agent.

Seattle Tax Preparation Services

Income tax deductions are vital to reducing your taxable income, yet many individuals and business owners are not aware of the advantages they may overlook in preparing their tax return. Using our professional tax preparers will save you money as they will be able to take full advantage of all the legal tax deductions for which you qualify.

Seattle Area Tax Accountant

Tax laws are constantly changing and as an Enrolled Agent with 30 years experience in income tax preparation, you can trust Jeffery A. Ames and Associates, Inc. to complete your tax return. Their knowledge comes from many years of working with a variety of clients in preparing both individual and business returns, including corporations and LLC’s.

Additionally, each year the staff of Jeffery A. Ames and Associates, Inc. attend Seminars and Webinars to sharpen their understanding of the ever changing Federal tax laws that are initiated by Congress and implemented by the Internal Revenue Service.

An enrolled agent is a federally authorized tax professional who has the technical expertise in the area ​of taxation and is licensed by the US Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS concerning audits, collections and appeals. Only Enrolled Agents, attorneys and CPAs may represent taxpayers before the IRS.To become an Enrolled Agent, an applicant must first pass the Special Enrollment Examination and a background check, including a review of the applicant’s tax compliance, is conducted. Jeffery A. Ames has been practicing as an Enrolled Agent since early 1993 after passing the 2-day exam on the 1st try.The right to practice before the IRS is regulated by Federal statue and persons authorized are known as FATPs (Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners). FATPs are allowed to represent taxpayers in all proceedings before the IRS including audits and appeals.
Please visit our IRS Audit Representation page for more information on our services for IRS representation for audits and appeals.